Vacuum tube preamp Marantz #7k
Vacuum tube preamp Marantz #7k
Vacuum tube preamp Marantz #7k

Vacuum tube preamp Marantz #7k

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Marantz #7k

#7k, a very popular vacuum tube preamplifier.
"k" stands for kit version.
The original #7 was released in 1959. It continued to reign as the pinnacle of audio vacuum tube preamplifiers until 1965, when sales were discontinued. The design was also great and many manufacturers imitated it.
This kit model was released in 1979 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marantz.
However, even though it is a kit, it is quite a hurdle for an amateur to suddenly build a preamplifier. It can be seen that this product was clearly produced by a professional super maniac. Instead of the parts that were included in the kit at the time, the popular American original #7 condenser was used in every detail and completed.
Today, these capacitors are expensive and difficult to obtain.

This product has undergone simple maintenance with a contact restorer, etc., and is now operating without noise or gully.
However, since it is old, it is out of warranty due to the current situation.

Although it is an old used device, I think that it is a beautiful individual without relatively large scratches.

* If it breaks down, it will be charged, but maintenance is possible.

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