Western Electric 300B

I have collected around 500 300Bs in the past, and they come in a variety of varieties, with Western Electric being the main one.
There are Jimtech, USR, and Okaya among domestic products alone.
Even Okaya can laugh at the vacuum tube, which encloses two 300B tubes in a large 300BW GT tube.
There is a mesh shielding plate between the two plates to block interference. The socket was also special.
Western Electric's 300B is an 88 lot,
Although it was the last to be manufactured at a factory on the American mainland, the quality was uneven.
After receiving the notification that production would be discontinued, I imported several hundred bottles in cardboard boxes with the Earth symbol on them, but the plates were either carbon-sprayed or not, and the mica was rectangular or oval.
It was already falling apart.
It felt like using up all the parts that were stocked at the factory.
This is a 300B from the 1988 lot, and the difference between the quality items and the not-so-great items is extreme.
It's easy to think that anything is fine because it's Western (laughs).
If there is an opportunity, I would like to talk about the vacuum tube situation at that time, including the Bellmark era.