If you want to know about WE300B

If you're a long-time enthusiast, you'll know.
The WE300B was featured in an audio magazine called Stereo Sound that was released in the spring of 1984.
Personally, these are my favorite issues and I keep two of them.
Both later and later, this issue is impressive and I like it.
From page 305 of the text, Mr. Shunsuke Yamashita has posted a post titled "Extremely Personal Note on WE300B".
From my encounter with the 300B, I wanted to know everything about the 300B, so I went to the United States and went to Western Electric's head office to research the reference room.
My favorite WE271A was also produced during this period.
It's really fun to read about the development process.
Really, a really great article.
This is Stesan's only article.

It is believed that this legendary vacuum tube was unmasked in July 1936 by JO McNally's report...
Contents like that...

Since it is already out of print, you may be able to find this magazine at an auction.

Since it is a magazine of someone's company, I cannot write about the contents in detail.
Please look for it and read it.