The other day I wrote about the 1988 WE300B, and when GEC stopped manufacturing the KT88, there was a similar story.
"Gold Lion" series.
At that time, many enthusiasts and vacuum tube dealers told me that if I used it with normal specs, it would wear out quickly, but was it okay? There was a lot of talk about it.
So, when the contractor at the time investigated, he suspected plate loss since it felt red hot even at the limit of the rated value.
Previously, the old KT88 was fairly sturdy and had no problems at all, but people complained that this lot was weak.
The sound certainly doesn't have the thick and heavy feeling that the KT88 originally has.
For that reason, we temporarily refrained from purchasing, but after a while
There was also talk of discontinuing production of GEC.
It was part of the last lot.
I like GEC vacuum tubes.
It was a company that I wished would never shut down.
When I think about it now, I feel nostalgic.
When GEC's KT66 and KT88 arrived in a large cardboard box, I was excited until I was about to open them.
It had a black and yellow sticker with GEC written on it.