things left behind

The number of vacuum tubes that I played with was really tremendous.
Of the vacuum tubes that I owned as a collection
The number was not half-hearted.
For example, Siemens Ed also has 20 I had a <br>.
Standing in the glass case of Sanei Musen in Akihabara The price at that time was 40,000 yen per bottle.
2A3 of RCA was about 5,000 yen.
Showed me in Ed's form and hit all the bonuses <br>I bought them all (laughs).
After that, most Western vacuum tubes <br>I had at least 10 or more.
That being said, the money I earned in my life was spent on vacuum tubes. I donated to <br>.
2A3 is 50 because seniors say it's a good vacuum tube. <br> <br>It didn't fit.
300B is also a vacuum tube of the same system, so it is similar,
300B still feels better.
So, for the leftover play... that is,
I played 2A3 and 300B with loftin white circuit <br>There is nothing to do.
Um, Boa! I wonder if the bad omission will disappear?
What do you think?
I want to see VT25, VT62, VT4C Clear <br>I want to cut out the high frequencies, but check only Loftin <br>No.
Nearly 40 years have passed since I started doing hobby (laughs).
I remember now.
I would love to check it out sometime.
How to cook WE311A now...
I am concentrating on that.