multipolar tube

Did you read the other day's blog, what kind of multipolar tube <br>Did you play? I received an email saying.
The world shifted from vacuum tubes to semiconductors, and after a while
However, the vacuum tube called 6V6GT was wonderful at that time. <br>It was seen by the eye. Good sound, easy power <br>It is said that you can get a good impression with the GT tube. <br>It was also recognized by wireless enthusiasts.
So, I entered from the American ball.
When it comes to high reliability, GT, GTW, etc. will follow variously,
If you expand that far, you can't write it all, so if you just list the model number 6V6G, 6V6GT, 6F6G, 6L6, 6L6G, 6L6GA,
6L6GB, 6L6GC, 6BQ5, 7591, 6CA7, 807,
6BG6G, 6550 Daruma, 6550, 8417, 6K6, KT55,
KT66, KT77, KT88, EL37. EL156, 6GB8,
F2a. F2a11, 46, 41, 42, WE311A, WE349A,
WE336A, WE350A, WE350B, E2d, etc.
I still can't write it (laughs)
Even with a triode, for example, one of WE's VT25 is a very tight base. <br>There are various things such as engraving (gold grid) on the brown mold base.
You can distinguish between fake and real.
Regarding WE350B, the National Union is written as WE. There are various OEM products on the market. subtle point <br>There is.
We are familiar with the area, so we sell the exact real thing. <br> Even if it is NU's, even if it is clearly marked as WE, honestly <br>I will pass it on to you.
There are really many things on the market.