How to enjoy a tube amp

A vacuum tube such as a directly heated triode or a multiode can also be connected to the triode. <br>If you play around with it, you can do it fairly well without a special testing machine,
Isn't it fun to make sounds?
For a long time, there has been a majority opinion that characteristics and sound quality are different things. <br>Audio.
Even so, if there are no failures and painful memories to some extent, things are satisfying <br>It may not be possible.
When I was 15, I bought a 6C6 for the driver and an 807 for the power tube. <br>It was the first time that I made my own amplifier with a multi-electrode connection.
It's a simple circuit, so I'm sure you can do it with your eyes closed. <br>There was... (sweat) Ugh, I oscillated.
Baba baba baba. explosion <br>Wow, I'm scared.
What is it? w (@@;) w
After that, I made it dozens of times, but to no avail...
I finally gave up.
Repair to the president (writer) of a certain audio kit maker <br>I made a request.
It's a bitter memory that the otoshidama is gone.
Then I asked why it oscillated.
Then, the ground of the grid resistance of the power tube was long,
For example, the grounding is long and the grounding point is bad.
After all, analog is difficult ~.
Unlike digital, the ground point and length can be a big deal.
I realized.
But it was good because the oscillation was within the range that I could hear.
It is said that if it oscillates at a high frequency, it will burn the tweeter...
After that, in the following year, I bought a test machine in bulk and immersed myself in it.
High-voltage electric shock (laughs), soldering iron burns (laughs), well, various experiences.
So, I'm tired...
Graduated from multipolar tubes.
At that time, I was fascinated by 300B, which was an expensive flower.
Plenty of direct heat tubes.
Well, I'll buy it, I'll play it, I'll buy it, I'll play it.
Roughly, the direct heating tube that I have experienced in my hands is ...
Ed. Da. Aa. Ba. VT25. VT25A. VT62.2A3
. 211.845. VT52.45.71A. E406N. R120.
PX4. PX25. PP3/250. PP5/400. DET25.
DA30. V503.3C33.421A. 5998. EC33C.
101D. 101F. 205D. 205F. 6A3.6B4G. 275A
. LK460.252A. 245. DA100.50.250. AD1.
EB111. Don 202. RE604. And so on... I can't write.
I ended up...
Just for myself...
Nonne's directly heated triode was made with a plate voltage of about 300V. <br>Play.
Since the root has a nervous part, if the filament is also DC ignition and it is 5V,
I don't like it if it doesn't get to 5V, so I have that kind of personality,
If I chase after the electrical characteristics, I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown (laughs)...
That's why we don't need a testing machine.
I settled in there.
No, a direct heated triode is fine.
I think.
However, for the time being, I check the items sold at the store by ear, test with the minimum test machine,
I am confirming.
Mental problems are cleared here (laughs)
The WE311 amp I'm planning now is a three-way no negative.
I'm stuffing it with trial and error.