A group of speakers passing by

There are countless speaker systems that have passed through.

JBL started with 4343, and there are many from small to large ones such as 4344 and Everest.
Of course, there are many European items such as Quad, Wharfedale, Kripush, Harvest, etc.
I don't know how many I've used. Of course, there are also domestically produced items.

And then I calmed down... Artic.
In other words, I am now an Artic.

Of course, I have JBL, Tannoy, and some exclusives, but I don't use them much.

I really like the sound of the Artic.
It is said that the sound is of the Western lineage, but since it was born a little more modern, I feel that the response is better with one Altic.
I like the narrow bitterness. I don't know the feeling, but,,,.
I guess you like Western and Artic sounds.

Tannoy also had a good sound in the era of Arden and Berkeley.
The Autograph also had a slightly more compact enclosure with American specifications, and it was good because the low range was better. I was blown away by the 15 inch red.

The 12-inch Chatworth red was also good. I let it go...
I still often lament that I should have left it.

This year, I want to organize my things a little and clean up my room.
I want to relax and listen to music with my own amplifier in a clean listening room.

That's how I think.

Corona again💦
People close to me have also been infected.
For a while, I will be living in a hikikomori. . .

I want it to end soon. . . .