How to send vacuum tubes

Most vacuum tube enthusiasts these days don't know how to feed vacuum tubes.
I don't care if it's a direct heat tube or something, I just send it on its side.
If my former seniors saw me, they would punch me in the head (lol)
When shipping vacuum tubes, the tubes are generally packed vertically.
In particular, direct heating tubes must be fed vertically.
Expensive vacuum tubes can also lead to filament breakage, which is extremely dangerous.
In the case of a tungsten filament, it will break due to vibration or a slight impact.
Indirectly heated pipes are much stronger than directly heated pipes, so at the very least, it is basic to send directly heated pipes vertically.
Even when large quantities of items are sent from overseas, they are all placed vertically.
In the past, expensive transmitter tubes had spring suspensions protruding from all sides inside the box, with vacuum tubes suspended from them.
It's like carrying plutonium that you sometimes see in movies (lol)
Well, it was an old high-tech part, so I guess they were able to give it that much consideration.