Showa audio garage maker "Sanei Musen"

Speaking of Akihabara's vacuum tube amp kit maker, Sanei Musen is a long-established company.
It was in the radio department store in front of Akihabara station.
Are you sure it was on the 4th floor? My memory is fading.
The 70's were lively.
There were several staff working on the customers.
A few rare vacuum tubes were displayed in a glass showcase and sold.
The president, Mr. Sugano, was sometimes lined up at the storefront.
I went to Akihabara from time to time, so I talked with the staff and the president each time, so I got along well.
A few years ago, I was invited to the Saitama Factory of President Sugano and visited many times. Each time, I was asked to separate various vacuum tubes and parts.
Riken's RMG Gold Resistance also has President Sugano.
And this is what I divided.
The items we currently have in stock were given to us by Sanei Musen.
We also talked about taking over the Sanei Musen kit, so
I was also told about suppliers and materials.
I was still in good health, so months and days passed without me talking.
After that, I was worried that I could not contact you suddenly,
It seems that he had passed away.
He was a good uncle.
I talked about various things and gave advice about the future and the story of the homepage, but I can only say that I am sorry.
Would you like to be a staff member in the neighborhood?
Since we have taken over and issued a limited kit,
I want to watch over you warmly.

Sanei Musen's amplifiers are often sold at auctions.
There is no doubt that it is a kit maker that dominated the Showa era.

I pray for the repose of the soul of President Sugano.