Showa audio garage maker "Audio Senka"

The late Mr. Chuyu Morikawa was a writer who energetically wrote articles on the production of vacuum tube amplifiers.

The company that Mr. Morikawa was created is "Audio Senka".
Initially, there was a shop studio in Adachi Ward, but later they opened a shop in Akihabara.

When I went to the head office, Mr. Morikawa and I weren't talking about audio, but talking funny about products that he used to sell in the old days, and he was just laughing (laughs).

He was a fun and friendly person who felt like an old man in a downtown area.

However, when I asked him to write an article, he wrote with a theoretical sensibility. (laughs) He was a good person.

It seems that the last years were spent leisurely.
I didn't have a chance to meet him for a while, but he passed away.

There is also the loneliness that a famous writer representing the Showa era, and a person who understood good things well, is gone.

I pray that Mr. Morikawa rests in peace.