WE311A single amplifier

This WE311A is also an amplifier made using the CK1006 gas rectifier tube.
It is the amplifier which I made for 100,000 20 years ago.

Now, it's an amplifier that can't be made with 100,000. It turned out to be a really nice amp.

It's nostalgic ~.
When I see an amplifier that I made 30 years ago at an auction, I want to make a successful bid.
I got it back. What a thought...

A parallel single of WE421A was on sale last time, but I tried to make a bid for it, but the price went up so much that I gave up.

I just built a WE421A single amp recently.
for yourself.
I couldn't help it...

If other people are happy to use it, that's what makes me happy.