marantz#7SE maintenance

The reprinted #7 condenser demonstrates its power with the latest superior characteristic condenser than Bumblebee.
The photo was adjusted with what is advertised as Z-CAP from Denmark.
This reissue #7 is well made and assembled at the Marantz factory in the USA.
All hand-wired and very faithful to the original.
Even so, these days it's getting expensive and few people want to sell it, so it's hard to find it on the market.

Since the parts are relatively new, maintenance is easy, and it can be said to be a luxurious machine.
Although the number of amplifiers on the market has decreased, the number of old amplifiers that are broken is increasing these days.
Reprints have a chance to find things in much better condition than those.

We are strengthening the purchase of Marantz #7.