Major modification of LUXKIT A3500

Long time no see.

I had a relaxing time due to the influence of Corona.
Even so, lately I've been doing a lot of maintenance work on Lux A3500 and A3600, which are famous amplifiers from yesteryear. I had some free time, so I had fun doing maintenance.
After doing various maintenance, I realized that it was a surprisingly good amp. I wanted a modified amp myself, so I got one.
Now that I think about it, I remembered that I bought an A3500 with a loan when I was a student.
At that time, I failed to adjust the bias and broke one EL34, so I went to Akihabara to buy it.

This time it's for myself. This is a drastic remodeling.
Just do what you want without setting a budget.
As a result, I had the A3550 transformer group in stock, so I replaced them all.
Moreover, it has been reassembled as a self-bias circuit.

The A3550 output transformer is a higher grade OY15-3.6KHP transformer.
They were basically equivalent. This A3550 group's trans color is addicted to the black A3500 chassis, and it's pretty cool as a two-tone color.

Well, I don't really care about physical characteristics such as output, so combined with this generosity (laughs)
It turned out to be a really nice amp. However, I am quite picky when it comes to noise, so here I am very particular about selecting parts and adjusting wiring materials. The inside is quite clean,
It has been remodeled to be simple and cool.

I want to let you hear the sound.

This major modification of the A3500 was undertaken without consideration of money or budget, so
I am currently testing what would happen if I modified the A3500 in the same way.
Also, one of our customers was an A3600 enthusiast, and I was influenced by that as well.
One of these days, I would like to challenge the A3600 to make a major remodel that is equally convincing.

The A3500 and A3600 are still relatively available.
I never thought I'd play the old amp I played in the 70's again in 2021...
Meguriawase is interesting, isn't it?