2A3 single power amplifier

A 2A3 amp with a hood that I made recently and a wood chassis based 2A3 amp that I made a few years ago.

Speaking of 2A3, I immediately think of the one made by American RCA.
A senior of mine used to say that he used to take only RCA 2A3s out of the machines sold by the U.S. military and sell them at street stalls under the overpass in Akihabara shortly after the war to pay for his university tuition. . amazing···

I forgot to go to the hospital (sweat)
I came out in a hurry, so I'll update from where I left off with "Awesome" (lol)

That's an amazing story.
So even seniors who had no interest in vacuum tube amps seemed to have a lot of memories with the 2A3 vacuum tube.

2A3 is a direct heating triode for pure audio use.
This is the most popular vacuum tube.

Then, in conjunction with the opening, we will start making 2A3 single amps and 300B single amps.

Anyway, I'm talking about when I've finished repairing the vacuum tube amps that have been waiting for me, and I've settled down...

see you··.