Trial and error 300B single amplifier

Currently, 311A ​​single amplifier and 300B single <br>I am building an amplifier.
I definitely want to focus on the design as well as the sound.
The design of the production article that I often see is...
Wait... (sweat)
It's the same with cars, but it's not just about running.
That is, the thought of the creator is not only specs,
The form, that is, the sense of design is questioned.
Because it is a tube amplifier, it has an orthodox design. <br>Okay, it's not easy, or short-sighted ideas are prohibited.
However, the front stage and the power supply should be separated as much as possible.
Keep the condenser and the heat source as far away as possible.
And so on... It is also necessary to comply.
How can Ikashita design be done under such constraints? <br>Do you want to build...
It's a sense here.
Hey, I'm doing my best through trial and error.
Even if it's just a coincidence, it's possible to create a super cool design. <br>That's fine, though.
I'll do my best.