Our original transformer

Currently, we are making prototypes on top of prototypes,,.

As a result, we have decided to place a special order for all original power transformers, output transformers, and choke transformers.

In the future, it will be an amplifier with a custom-made transformer.
It looks like it will be open after the new year after repeating the prototype throughout the year.
We are accepting orders, so please email us if you are interested.
Delivery will be in the new year.

① 300B single amplifier 310A + 300B + 5R4GY

② 2A3 single amplifier 5693+2A3+5Z3 *5693 or 6SJ7
*5Z3 or 5U4G

* We also manufacture EL156, KT66, and KT88 single amplifiers.